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EV Charging Stations

MINI series

City series

DUO series

SOLID series

Electric cars and the electromobile market have been an extremely popular topic in recent months. Our company have been providing a wide range of flexible solutions for many years now. Recently we have extended our offer with a group of charging stations (wallboxes and free-standing). They guarantee reliable, safe operation (II protection class) and allow for charging vehicles with power up to 22kW AC. They can be installed in different also quite difficult environment (IP66). We can provide full customization so they can fit into the landscape and high configurability.

Technical parameters:

Cabinets Polyester / Metal
Rated voltage 3×230 / 400 V
Nominal frequency 50Hz
Power Supply line up to 44 kW
Rated frequency 50Hz
Charging mode 3rd level
Charging socket type – 2, IEC 62196 – 2 32 A / 480 V
AC charging cable with plug – 2, IEC 62196 – 2 32 A / 480 V
Protection class II
IP rating IP 66 / IP 54
Working temperature from -30°C to 50°C
Power supply 4 – 50 mm Al/Cu

ZEVS charging station product family

We offer different products, that fits into our customers needs. Depending on purpose, destination or extra requirements, we can prepare fully matched solution.

Except their own features, distinguishing between series, our products are equipped greatly.

  • Modern, reliable controller, highest quality.
  • Energy meter, with optional energy parameters monitoring.
  • All products can work in both standalone and network mode.

zevs mini

MINI series

  • Smallest available charging station for autonomous or networked mode installation
  • Sealed (up to IP66) incombustible housing
  • II protection class
  • Adapted to wall or pillar installation
  • Optional protection from unauthorized use
  • Optional electric network parameters recording



  • Personal installation
  • Community garage
  • Estate parkings

zevs city

CITY series

  • Adapted for multiposition, networked installation
  • Aluminium housing
  • Ground mount
  • Modern, minimalistic design
  • Greatly integrates with city space
  • Small and simple installation


  • City space
  • Parking lots
  • Malls
  • Hotels

zevs duo

DUO series

  • Unique, two compartment construction
  • Sealed (up to IP66) incombustible housing
  • II protection class
  • Enabled to wall, pillar or ground installation (including own basement)
  • One or two charging points



  • Free standing charging point
  • Increasing existing place usability
  • Individual charging stations (eg. in front of shops)
  • Tourist centers
  • Limited space installations
  • Work centers
  • Restaurants, cinemas

zevs solid

SOLID series

  • Metal construction and housing
  • Very high visual adaptation possibility
  • Free standing installation
  • Multimedia screen enabled



  • Malls
  • Information points
  • Tourists centers
  • Free standing points
  • Representative

Comparison of ZEVS products family

Ability to run in standalone mode x x x x
Ability to run in network mode x x x x
Sealed housing (up to IP66) x x x x
Metal housing x x
II protection class x x
Charging two vehicles simultaneously x x
RFID reader (option) x x x x
Payment terminal (option) x x
Pillar or wall installation x (option)
Free-standing installation x x x
Interface with touchscreen (option) x x x
Energy meter built in (option) x x x