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Gelbox for
Splicing Connectors

Installation and Advantages

Easy Installation

▪ Space-saving, compact design
▪ Gain even more junction box space because several connectors can be used in one Gelbox
▪ Easy to use through innovative design
▪ Readily extend circuits – thanks to fast re-accessibility


Fast Installation

▪ Time-saving thanks to direct commissioning, no mixing and hardening of gel mass is necessary
▪ Always ready for use thanks to gel-filled boxes that can be stored indefinitely

Safe Applications

▪ Complete system consisting of Gelbox and WAGO 221/2273 Series Connectors has been submitted for VDE testing*
▪ Excellent protection when Gelbox is only combined with 221/2273 Series Connectors; always the perfect gel displacement for safe installation
▪ IPX8 level of protection against moisture and water ingress
▪ Label-free Cellpack quality gel
▪ Stability thanks to a robust housing
▪ No conductor damage thanks to the flexible sealing lip

Versatile Applications
▪ Can be used in all branches of industry due to silicone-free gel
▪ Can be used in the low-voltage range with additional housing (double insulation)

Easy Installation
▪ Voltage range: see connector voltage
▪ Rated current: see connector current
▪ Rated surge voltage: 2.5 kV
▪ Insulation resistance: 5 MΩ
▪ Continuous operating temperature: 105 °C
▪ Surrounding air temperature: 85 °C
▪ Physical properties: IPX8
▪ Suitable for indefinite storage because the gel contains no hazardous substance according to CLP