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Wago Thermal Transfer Printer For Complete Control Cabinet

With perfectly tuned hardware and software, WAGO offers high-performance individual marking solutions for
  • Terminal block numbering 
  • Ferrules numbering for cables & conductors
  • Devices markers.
  • Internal & external type plates of panels

All Device Marking from a Single Source

As a practical cutting unit, the cutter is an ideal addition to the smart printer, which provides impressive marking results. The print is clear and resistant to environmental influences, as well as wipe- and scratch-proof according to DIN EN 60068. Material can be changed in just a few steps. WAGO has deliberately kept the marking of its terminal blocks and I/O modules simple. The multiple-line marking strip can also be applied to mixed conductor cross-sections, thanks to the identical contours of the TOP JOB Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks. By using the corresponding adapters, it can also be employed for marking all I/O modules. Labels, nameplates, push-button markers, as well as cable and conductor markers, can also be processed in addition to marking strips. This makes it possible to mark any rail-mount terminal blocks, I/O modules, pluggable connectors, and relay modules, as well as the conductors and cables connected to them, using a single device. And speaking of devices, these can also be marked.