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Electrical Installation

  • Pluggable installation
  • Fire protection
  • Installation housings
  • On-wall installation
  • Earthing / equipotential bonding
  • Tools

Industrial products

  • Cable glands
  • Accessories for cable glands
  • Multi Cable Entry MCE
  • Protective cable conduits
  • Accessories for protective cable conduits

KAISER Connectivity

  • Optical telecommunications outlet (OTO)
  • Optical telecommunications outlet (OTO) E3S “pluggable”

About Agro 

Your quality connection!

AGRO has been developing and manufacturing high-quality products and systems for cable entries and cable laying – for the mechanical engineering industry, for plant and equipment construction, and for professional electrical installation work in buildings of all kinds.

We work to take advantage of the synergies between the companies in the group, benefiting our customers at home and abroad. The KAISER, AGRO, HELIA and ATTEMA brands consistently offer you installation solutions that meet the needs of the market, supporting you in your daily work. Through their continuous future-oriented product innovations, these four strong brands can always keep you supplied with state-of-the-art products – today and tomorrow.

Product Range of Agro

Industrial products

cable glands by Agro

Cable glands

AGRO offers robust cable glands in nickel-plated brass, stainless steel, and plastic for industrial and hazardous environments. Their advanced compression technology ensures high tightness and strain relief, with multi-layer sealing inserts for easy installation. Certified to EN 45545 and NFPA 130 standards, they are ideal for railway applications and chemical plants.

Accessories for protective cable conduits by Agro

Accessories for protective cable conduits

AGRO offers a range of accessories for their protective cable conduits, including locknuts, sealing washers, and earthing devices for secure installation and grounding. They also provide reducer and enlarger fittings, dummy and blind plugs for sealing, and EMC accessories for interference reduction. Protective sleeves and conduits add extra durability, safe & reliable cable management.
Accessories for cable glands by Agro

Accessories for cable glands

AGRO offers accessories for their cable glands, such as locknuts, sealing washers, and earthing devices for secure installation and grounding. They include reducer and enlarger fittings, dummy plugs, and EMC accessories for versatility and interference protection. Protective sleeves and conduits add extra durability, perfect for industrial and hazardous applications.
Multi Cable Entry MCE by Agro

Multi Cable Entry MCE

AGRO’s Multi Cable Entries enable efficient routing of multiple cables through a single entry, perfect for tight spaces. With high sealing performance (up to IPX9K) and durable metal housings, they offer robust protection against water, dust, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. Ideal for infrastructure projects, control cabinets, and energy technology, these entries ensure reliable cable management.

Protective cable conduits by Agro

Protective cable conduits

AGRO’s protective cable conduits, crafted from durable Polyamide PA 6, are perfect for machine construction, vehicle, and railway systems. They offer resistance to oils, acids, and UV exposure, while complying with EN 45545-2 fire protection standards. These conduits provide reliable protection for cables, ensuring system integrity in demanding environments.

Electrical Installation

Pluggable installation by Agro

Pluggable installation

AGRO’s pluggable installation systems simplify electrical setups with pre-assembled components, reducing installation time by up to 70%. Perfect for cable supports, ceilings, floors, & underfloor systems, they ensure accuracy and efficiency. These robust and versatile systems provide future-proof solutions, enhancing both planning & operational efficiency in modern electrical installations.

Earthing  equipotential bonding by Agro

Earthing equipotential bonding

AGRO’s terraFIX® earthing clamps provide quick, flexible connections for metal pipes to bonding systems. Made from durable tin-plated brass and stainless steel, they feature an easy click-closed design and spring-loaded wire grip. With a 25 mm² clamping area, they ensure secure connections and uninterrupted bonding, ideal for maintaining electrical safety in various building environments.

Fire-protection boxes by Agro

Fire-protection boxes

AGRO Fire Protective Boxes ensure top safety in fire-prone areas with intelligent AFS technology that seals openings during a fire, maintaining the wall or ceiling’s fire resistance. Made from fire-resistant, halogen-free materials, they comply with EI30 to EI90 standards, suitable for new installations and retrofits. These boxes preserve escape routes and protect lives by preventing fire and smoke spread.

Tools by Agro


Designed for efficiency and precision, AGRO’s tools simplify your projects. Wire strippers easily remove insulation from wires, crimping tools join wires or terminate connectors, voltage testers detect circuit voltage, and cable cutters trim cables to the desired length. Trust AGRO for reliable and effective results in all your wiring and circuit testing tasks.

Installation housings by Agro

Installation Housings

AGRO’s HaloX® installation housing offers a flexible solution for integrating lights and speakers into concrete walls and ceilings. Modular and suitable for various installation depths, they feature tool-free entries for easy installation and a stable design for concrete pouring. Optional extensions and versions with or without tunnels provide versatility and optimal thermal management for different building projects.

On-wall installation by Agro

On-wall installation

AGRO’s Qbox series wall housings are perfect for moist and outdoor areas, featuring dual entry options and IP65 protection against water, dust, and dirt. Available in three sizes, they include pressure balance elements to prevent condensation and secure lids for reliable electrical connections. Ideal for fluctuating temperatures and humidity, they offer flexibility and robust performance.

KAISER Connectivity

Optical telecommunications outlet (OTO) by Agro

Optical telecommunications outlet (OTO)

The AGRO Optical Telecommunications Outlet (OTO) terminates fibre-optic cables in homes, supporting surface or flush-mounted installations. The E3S Connect® system allows rapid FTTH network expansion without splicing, reducing costs. Pre-assembled cables with LC/APC connectors ensure reliable performance, and the compact design fits various connection boxes, simplifying fibre-optic installations for electricians.

Optical telecommunications outlet (OTO) E3S pluggable by Agro

Optical telecommunications outlet (OTO) E3S "pluggable"

AGRO’s E3S “Pluggable” OTO simplifies home fibre-optic installations with pre-assembled LC/APC connectors, eliminating splicing. Suitable for surface or flush mounting, it features G.657.A2-compliant cables and a compact design (86 × 86 × 20 mm) for easy integration with connection boxes. This system reduces installation time and costs, making fibre-optic upgrades accessible for general electricians.