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JIoTP (Jahaann Internet of Things Platform) Logo

Jahaann Industrial Internet of Things Platform (JIoTP)

Jahaann provides solutions for improving efficiency, productivity, and energy management in industrial settings. It offers a customizable data collection and analysis platform with real-time monitoring and control of energy usage. Jahaann also supports all brands of equipment and provides advanced data analysis, remote monitoring, and integration with other systems.

Power Monitoring Expert

Power Monitoring Expert (PME) monitors, analyzes and controls energy usage in industrial and commercial buildings in real-time. It provides data collection, monitoring and analysis of energy usage from various sources, allows for identification of energy wastage, real-time monitoring and control, and remote monitoring and control capabilities. PME is a powerful tool for energy management, reducing energy costs and improving energy efficiency.

Energy Monitoring Services

Sahamid’s energy monitoring services offer businesses a comprehensive solution for tracking and optimizing energy consumption. Our state-of-the-art sensors and meters provide real-time insights into energy use, allowing businesses to identify opportunities for savings and prioritize energy efficiency measures. Our services also provide valuable data for compliance reporting and sustainability initiatives, helping businesses to meet energy reduction targets and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Additionally, we offer consulting and engineering services to help businesses further optimize energy use and reduce their carbon footprint.

An image of an energy monitoring dashboard displaying real-time energy usage data.

Energy Monitoring Dashboard

A screenshot of our Energy Monitoring Services dashboard showing real-time data on energy consumption and usage.

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