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AC Power

  • DIN Rail Ac
  • Panel Mount Ac
  • Surface Mount Ac
  • Intergrated Enclosures

DC Power

  • DIN Rail DC
  • DIN Rail PV
  • Out Door DC Power

Data Line

  • DIN Rail Data
  • Surface Mount Data
  • Rack Mount Data

Radio Frequency

About Citel

For protection of transient over voltages result from lightning strikes.

Since 1937, CITEL has been keeping the world’s critical networks and equipment protected from transient overvoltages. Whether a large magnitude lightning strike or the relentless barrage of switching events, our surge protectors keep sensitive electronics safe and operations uninterrupted.

CITEL’s thorough understanding of local standards and regulations, along with a continuous investment in R&D, inspire us to design, manufacture and supply millions of SPD’s each year to our clients who are conscious of the danger transients pose and actively take steps to eliminate the threat.

Product Range of Citel

AC Power

DIN RAIL AC by Citel


They lines in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. It effectively shields sensitive devices such as PLCs, control systems, and communication equipment from transient voltage spikes, ensuring uninterrupted operation and extending their lifespan. These protector is an essential component in maintaining the reliability and longevity of critical electrical systems.

Panel Mount AC by Citel

Panel Mount AC

They engineered with precision, this device offers reliable protection by diverting excess voltage away from sensitive systems. Ideal for industrial settings, it ensures uninterrupted operation of machinery, control panels, and electronic instruments. From factories to data centers, the Panel Mount AC is essential for maintaining uptime and preventing costly downtime due to electrical disturbances.

Surface Mount by Citel

Surface Mount AC

Designed for seamless integration into your infrastructure, these compact devices provide robust protection for sensitive electronics, such as computers, telecommunication equipment, and other AC-powered devices. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, Surface Mount AC surge protectors ensure reliable performance and peace of mind against potential damage caused by power disturbances.

Integrated enclosures by Citel

Integrated enclosures

They Protects control panels, sensors, and automation equipment in factories and manufacturing plants. They will secures network switches, routers, and communication devices in outdoor installations. They shields inverters, monitoring systems, and battery banks in solar and wind power installations. They ensures durability of traffic control and electronic signagle in urban.

DC Power

Din Rail DC by Citel

Din Rail DC

They Protecting sensitive electronic equipment in industrial settings such as manufacturing plants, power plants, and transportation systems. They safeguarding control systems, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), and other critical machinery from voltage fluctuations and surges.

Din Rail PV by Citel

Din Rail PV

Reliable for protecting photovoltaic (PV) systems against transient surges and lightning strikes. This  device offers protection for DC power systems, safeguarding sensitive PV equipment from damage caused by lightning and other electrical disturbances. Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial solar installations.

Outdoor DC Power by Citel

Outdoor DC Power

They use for telecom towers, remote monitoring systems, or outdoor security cameras, our robust DC power products ensure uninterrupted operation. With advanced features such as surge protection and weatherproof enclosures, they safeguard your critical equipment from power fluctuations and environmental hazards.

Data Line

Din Rail data by Citel

Din Rail Data

These surge protectors are commonly used in industrial settings where sensitive electronic equipment, such as PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, and network devices, are deployed. By installing surge protection on DIN rails, which are standard mounting rails for industrial control equipment.

Surface Mount Data by Citel

Surface Mount Data

They designed for easy integration onto circuit boards, these compact devices provide reliable defense against voltage spikes, ensuring uninterrupted data transmission and safeguarding equipment from damage. Ideal for use in telecommunications, industrial automation, and networking applications, Surface Mount data surge protection.

Rack Mount Data by Citel

Rack Mount Data

With its compact form factor, it seamlessly integrates into existing rack configurations, offering efficient space utilization. Ideal for data centers, telecom facilities, and IT environments, it provides surge protection and power distribution, shielding equipment from damaging electrical disturbances. Whether it’s safeguarding servers, switches, or other network components

Radio Frequency

Out Door Radio Frequency by Citel


They designed to safeguard critical communication  in out-door environment. From telecommunications towers to remote monitoring stations, our robust RF surge protectors ensure reliable performance, protecting sensitive equipment against lightning strikes and electrical surges. Ideal for applications such as wireless communication networks, satellite systems, and outdoor IoT devices.

Indoor Radio Frequency by Citel


They with advanced signal amplification and distribution capabilities, this solution ensures seamless connectivity for various applications such as offices, optimizes cellular reception in shopping malls, and public venues. Supports IoT devices in smart buildings, enabling efficient communication and data transmission for connected systems such as security cameras and environmental sensors.