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Polyamide Cable Glands

Synthetic Cable Glands are tried and tested helpers for correct cable entry in industrial equipment. The outstanding compression technology to be used everywhere guarantees an effective seal and excellent cable-protecting strain relief.

1- Short or long connection thread

Compression cable glands with short or long connection threads designed as metric or Pg can be used with existing opening threads or with a counter nut.

2- Visible safety

 The small bulge in the sealing insert confirms the correct tightening torque.

3- High distortion protection

 The sealing insert fitted with retaining ribs guarantees high distortion protection.

4- Great flexibility

 It only takes a few seconds to adapt the two-part sealing inserts on-site to the existing cable diameters.

5- Guaranteed seal

 The inner contours of the sealing inserts ensure that they are deformed in such a way as to make the perfect seal.

Material: Polyamide glass fibre reinforced

 Properties: halogen-free

 Seal: TPE

 Strain relief: Version A according to EN 62444

 Temperature range: -20°C to +100°C

 Protection class: IP 68

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