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TOPJOB® S Terminal Blocks

POWER CAGE CLAMP Terminal Blocks

Current & Voltage Transformer Terminal Blocks

WAGO Industrial Connectors are characterized by easy operation thanks to their cleverly designed locking system. Due to their diff erent housing sizes they are provided with ample wiring space. Other quality features are the ergonomically designed grips and the high-grade powder coating of the housings. Main application areas are machinery and equipment construction, light and stage engineering, crane control, fairground equipment, switchgear construction and control engineering

Termination methods:

  • Screw terminal connection
  • Crimp connection
  • Insulation displacement connection
  • Push-in terminal connection

Die-cast housings
Aluminium housings for Procon industrial connectors are produced on die-cast machines with built-in quality control. This supervision ensures that only first-class products are accepted for further processing and assembly

The heart of a plug and socket device are its contacts. Rotary transfer machines automatically control each contact. Pins and sleeves have to meet highest quality standards. This ensures constantly easy plugging and withdrawing over the years. Furthermore all contacts are equipped with open, captive screws for faster assembly. All contacts are turned from massive brass!

An image showing proximity sensors detecting objects in a factory environment.

Topjob® S terminal Blocks

A photo of slim relays and solid-state relays (SSR) with compact design and high performance.

Power Case Clamp Terminal Blocks

A photo of a PULS power supply.

Current & Voltage Transformer Terminal blocks

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