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Testing & Measuring Instruments

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Testing & Measuring Instruments by Fluke
Digital multimeters by Fluke

Digital multimeters

Fluke digital multimeters are the ultimate electrical meters for professionals. Our digital meters undergo rigorous testing to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring accuracy in every measurement. Fluke’s digital voltmeters are not just tools but partners in performance, guaranteeing safety and delivering the strongest warranty in the industry. Choose Fluke for a digital multimeter as dedicated to precision and durability as you are to your work.

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Infrared thermal imaging by Fluke

Infrared thermal imaging

Fluke infrared thermal imaging cameras provide you with high-quality thermal images for industrial inspection. You can discover faults and failures before they become a problem – and enjoy the ease of a high-resolution, high temperature sensitivity, rugged thermal camera, ready for the toughest industrial environments. By noting temperature changes, thermal imaging helps you find leaks, cut costs, and use energy more efficiently.

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Clamp Meter by Fluke

Clamp Meter

The Fluke Clamp Meter is a versatile, user-friendly tool designed for accurate measurement of electrical current, voltage, and resistance. It offers non-contact current measurements and advanced functionalities like True RMS sensing, ensuring accurate readings in noisy electrical settings. With a large, easy-to-read display and intuitive controls, the Fluke Clamp Meter is an essential instrument for electricians and maintenance professionals seeking reliable and efficient electrical diagnostics.

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meters by UNI-T
RMS Digital Multimeters by UNI-T

RMS Digital Multimeters

UT15B/17B/18B MAX series True RMS multi-meters have a compact and portable design, fast response, strong anti-interference to EMC interference, and come with standard gold-plated test leads and gold-plated fine-tipped test leads.They also feature full-range 1000V input protection, making them the ideal tool for electronic and electrical engineers.

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Digital Clamp Meters by UNI-T

Digital Clamp Meters

UT200R series digital clamp meters are designed according to EN61010-2010 CAT II 600V/CAT III 300V, featuring overload protection, high reliability, high safety and high accuracy. These meters can be used to measure high-voltage frequency, temperature, AC/DC current, etc. It has Larger screen and display digits.

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