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S.A. Hamid & Co. Brochures

International Brochures

Photoelectric Sensors

Laser Profile Sensors with SmartRunner Technology

Ethernet IO Modules

M18 Series—Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors

IIoT Roadmap

F31K2 Series for Valve Position Feedback

ECHO-M Radar-Based Opening Impulse Sensor

ECHO-D Radar-Based Opening Impulse Sensor

Automation Light Grids: LGS and LGM Series

RFID UHF Read/Write Head F190

VOC—Industrial Event Camera

Ultrasonic Double Sheet Sensors of the M18 and M30 Series

Sensor Solution for Pallet Detection

Contour2D Sensor System for Monitoring Conveyor Belt Utilization

VOS—2-D Universal Vision Sensor

Vibration Sensors

Safety without exception

AS-Interface Gateway

SmartRunner Explorer 3-D

R1000 Distance Sensor with Pulse Ranging Technology

Inertial Measurement Unit F99

ENI90 Series Incremental Rotary Encoder

VOS 2-D Universal Vision Sensors

ShieldScan® Door Protection Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor Series UC18GS with IO-Link

DeviceMaster® Serial Gateways

WILSEN.sonic.level—IoT Sensor for Intelligent Fill Level Management

Product Overview—VariKont with Active Shielding Technology

Product Overview—Proximity Sensors

IO-Link Masters with OPC UA Interface

Industrial Identification—Product Overview Optical Identification and RFID

Sensors and Systems with IO-Link

Product Overview Reduction Factor 1 Sensors

G20 ZPA Motor Control Module

R10x and R20x Series Photoelectric Sensors

Product Overview—Inductive Positioning Systems

Inclination and Acceleration Sensors

AS-Interface Overview

Connectivity Product Overview

Product Information—LiDAR sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors Overview

Overview Rotary Encoders

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